Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday Madness

I cleaned up. And I did it with $200. I may have to hit up Dallas for every Black Friday going forward. Here's most of what I got. I also got three layering and two ruffly shoulder tanks from Hi-Line tanks from Madewell but couldn't find a decent picture. Throw in a couple more cheapy headbands and two belts from Forever 21, and a third skirt from Banana Republic and there you have it. All in a day's work.

Headband from Forever 21. Between $1and $2.

Splendid skinny sweats from Anthropologie. Wait for it -- $10.

Skirts from Banana Republic - three total for less than $50.

Hemp and cotton cardigan from C&C California - $25.

Cute lil milkmaid butterdish, Anthropologie, $15

These boots and the tshirt below were technically cyber Monday deals. Emu boots from Macy's - buy one get one free! My friend split the deal with me - $45.

This one is from my favorite t shirt site, Cotton Factory. 15% off. This used to be my ringtone.

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