Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cupcakes for a Non-Cupcake-y Place

Barry and I decided to cancel cable for the first year of our marriage. It's been great, except on Sundays, when we can't watch our football. B is a Browns fan and I love the Eagles, and we've been going to this great uptown bar, Carrollton Station, to watch games. The bar has a good vibe. the same dudes are there every week and we always get a seat. The bartender who works Sundays is lovely and the best part is, the owner grills burgers for Saints games. I wanted to say thanks for the hospitality with a homemade snack, so I whipped up a dozen of these marble cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and caramel topping. You're going to have to excuse the shoddy pictures for a while. I left my camera in NC and probably won't get it back for a bit.

I got this recipe from a little book I received as a gift from my mother-in-law a while back - Cupcake Heaven. I really like this book because unlike Hello, Cupcake, it gives lots of quality cake recipes and really creative ideas beyond dressing up a cupcake with some food coloring or fondant I like the book so much that I'm not going to share the recipe here. Beyond the fact that I'm pretty sure that violates copyright laws, I feel like I should encourage you to go buy the book instead of tell you how to make everything from it. Here's a hint though - marble cupcakes are really just a chocolate batter and butter batter slightly mixed together.

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