Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Browsing Around

For the past 10 years, I've been faithfully and exclusively buying MAC products. It's just always been so easy to stick to one collection with which I'm familiar who makes fabulous makeup - lipstick, blush, foundation, I love it all. But lately, I've been a little more adventurous. The wedding was a huge impetus to leap out of my comfort zone and try products that really work with my skin and look versus products that are convenient. I got my eyebrows done at the Benefit Brow bar in North Carolina and fell in love. They waxed me in about 5 or 6 different sections per eye, which is great, and spent about 25 minutes doing everything - just enough time for me to feel cared for, without feeling like my time was wasted. I walked out of there with this brow zing compact. It comes with powder and wax, a mini angled brush, mini blending brush, and teeny tweezers. It's insanely convenient and only $30. I highly recommend! I will begin to post more beauty finds, and I'll also post more wedding pics this month. Bet you can't wait :o)

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