Thursday, July 22, 2010


A pal of mine asked me the other day if I consigned. I looked at her confused, not because I didn't have a clue what that meant, but because I didn't know it was a verb. She continued to tell me about this wonderful place on Maple St. here in New Orleans called Swap - New Orlean's answer to New York's Beacon's Closet. Swap works a little differently though. Instead of taking your old gently loved clothes, giving you cash, and sending you on your merry way, Swap takes all your info and you don't get money unless your clothes move off the shelf in the next two months. They offer a bit more cash (40% of retail value or 50% credit). I have no idea if my Marc Jacobs vest will sell (its New Orleans and its summer, ugh), or if any of my old Banana Republic shirts and dresses will move. But it's worth a shot. I drove the clothes they didn't take off my hands (they only take specific brands, and apparently no business clothes) straight to the Salvation Army. So now I have room in my closet and am less guilty about the recent rise in shopping I've been doing!

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