Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Invitations are (almost all) Out!!!!

Yay! What a load off. And I couldn't have done it without my buddies. I still have a few more to make and send off after a minor mis-counting incident but for the most part, I am dunzo. Here are a few pictures from the long, drawn out process.

The best Maid of Honor there ever was made my invitations. As in, took a design suggestion (okay, okay, I ripped off a Vera Wang design), modified it to fit my crafty theme, printed, and cut everything. She even made a video showing how to put the things together. Here's are my assembly ladies watching the video.

These girls are in my cohort at school and came over for a wine and cheese/ wedding invitation assembly party. They were vary gracious and stayed at my house for hours putting in liners, stamping, keeping track of who was out of town/ in the wedding party/ local...I owe them more than just wine and cheese. Here's a shot of my little sweat shop:

The spread:

After the girls made the huge contribution of assembling, B and I were left to stamp everything. I bought a custom made stamp from NoteTrunk on Etsy which I like, but didn't come out as cleanly as I would have liked. It's ok, it adds to the invitations' nice crafty look. The stamps had to dry for a few hours, so here's a shot of them laid out in our guest bedroom.
Next came the fine details. Lots of things need to go into an invitation: the actual invitation, the reception card, hotel info, welcome party/rehearsal dinner invite, and reply card/envelope. I want my guests to be able to put the most important part - the invitation - somewhere convenient. Like their fridge or bulletin board. So I put everything in an enclosure and pinned the most important part to one side - literally! I bought several packs of quilting needles and fastened the invitations to the left side of the enclosure. I tied a red ribbon on the other side to pretty it up a bit. Practically all this was my maid of honor's idea. She is the best.

I don't want to show the full invitation suite in detail yet since I'm not 100% done yet, but I will shortly. But I wanted to give you a peek into the process. there are 80 days until the wedding. I can't believe it. And I'm so excited!


  1. i love it! especially the laid out photo! i printed and cut the rest tonight, but need to email you.

  2. Hey,

    Can you send me the link again to your wedding website?