Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shower Power

I have awesome friends.
Seriously. Over Xmas break, Annie and my sister spearheaded throwing me a shower in Durham. I couldn't blog about it until now, since I wanted to do something extra special to say Thank You. The gift theme of my shower was kitchen/baking stuff. I got some really sweet gifts, including a recipe book with contributions from several of my friends, silicone baking cups, cupcake mix, a scale, recipe box, the list goes on. To say thanks, and to show all the gifts are greatly appreciated, I made some
cupcakes using several of the gifts I got. I decorated them with a little message, took a picture, and made custom cards at Kodak Gallery. There was a serious breach of etiquette in how long it took me to get everything together - sorry guys. Seriously, thanks though. I'm excited to see ALL my friends, not just the ones local to Durham, in 7 months!

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