Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Beginnings of a "Craft Room"

I wanted to get my "craft room" more in order before the semester began. It warrants quotes because the room houses B's brewing supplies and also serves as our guest bedroom. I bought a craft table today. It's pretty perfect in size for my needs. I almost invested in this Arrow Sewing Cabinet but figured I could do that later when I got more serious about sewing. Right now, I'm lucky if I can devote an hour to the machine, so spending over $100 on a sewing table would probably be extravagant. So I settled on this $40 one from Lowes. I covered it with white adhesive shelving liner for protection (but also to make it more pretty!). I can always convert it to a cutting table later. This past week I've also purchased some carts with drawers for all my craft supplies from Target. Now I can obsessively compartmentalize my knitting, embroidery, and sewing supplies. I got an extra bin for current projects, which currently houses all five things I'm trying to finish. I love the way the room is shaping up. I need to buy a bulletin board, a good chair, an adhesive ruler, etc. I also need to mount a few more pictures in the room. I'm further along than I was two weeks ago, though, and for now that's all I can ask for!

1 comment:

  1. cool! looks a lot better than my craft situation...

    i have these tan drawers for my yarn, but more and more has piled up on top of i have another space for craft things too. need to get better with it all!