Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another Blanket, but not for a Baby

I am making this blanket for a friend. I don't want to get too descriptive because I think they may actually read this blog. When I got the yarn, B said, "Why did you get a puke green color?!" I don't think it's puke green. I think it's a lovely dusty green. I'm using Vanna White for Lion Brand yarn. Laugh all you want, but I'm a poor student now and can't afford to be a yarn snob. This pattern is done in panels, which I do NOT like. I'm not a fan of finishing (meaning, I'm not a fan of sewing with yarn to complete a project). It's annoying and time consuming. But this friend is worth it so I'm excited to work through this pattern. I'm setting my deadline for this blanket at Valentine's Day. Hold me to it! I need extra time because, if you haven't noticed, school owns my life plus I have tons of time-sensitive wedding stuff to do. So, V-day it is.

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