Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fun with Table Numbers

How hot does this look? I am embroidering the table numbers for my wedding in different color fabrics. I was inspired by this article in Readymade. Six months ago, the original plan was to embroider monograms as Christmas presents. That plan didn't work out, so here I am, working on wedding stuff over eight months in advance. I have learned my lesson, to say the least. Here's how I'm completing my masterpiece. First, I selected different patterns from various fabric stores. You can get as little as a third of a yard. To add a special touch, I am purchasing fabric from all over - Kalamazoo, Durham, and hopefully Philadelphia, New York, and New Orleans. I am doing this project in my wedding colors of course - light aqua and cherry red.

You will also need stencils, embroidery hoops, a fabric marker, a good iron, and embroidery floss. Take about a square foot
of fabric and iron it out really well. People suggest using stabilizer but I find that starch works just fine. Use a stencil to trace numbers with a fabric marker. Don't do this haphazardly - if there's a part of a pattern you don't like, you can embroider over it. Also, I suggest using a fabric marker over a fabric pencil - they show up easier and can be wiped out with cold water and a q-tip.

Next, pull the fabric tight over an embroidery hoop. For a homemade look, I'm using plain old 7'' wood ones. They don't hold fabric very tight though, so you may want to get a stronger one that will hold fabric more taut.

I'm outlining in split stitch and filling in with satin stitch. I may use different stitching patterns but I'm already using different fabric, so I haven't decided. I know we're having a big wedding, but I'm not quite sure how many tables we're having. For now, I'm making twenty numbers. They will all sit on decorative plate stands. I'm so excited for these I want to squeal. In fact, I think I have, a couple times.

I've got 14, 2, and half of 1 and 11 done. Not gonna lie though - my mom is helping me with some. But I'll be doing over half myself for sure! I've got all the fabric in my own house, after all. Stay tuned for my progress!

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