Monday, July 13, 2009

What I See In My Dreams

Lovely, right? Again, I cheated and used regular old box cake mix. I used Pillsbury Golden Butter recipe. I typically prefer Duncan Hines but the former was on sale. If you don't see butter cake in the aisle, sub in a stick of butter for oil in most yellow cake mixes and get a yummier, more tasty flavor. You can thank me later. I ended up using two boxes. Next time I'll just use one, because this is ridiculously and unnecessarily big. I made frosting using two blocks of Philly cream cheese, a half stick of butter, and sugar to taste. Real healthy, right? It's delicious, though. Topped off with a raspberry, because I like those better than cherries.

Because I've been lifeguarding and spend minimal time on the internet, I've been super negligent with this blog. My apologies. I'll return to regular posting once the ball gets rolling on weddin' plannin'. I can't really do anything until a venue and date are set. And frankly, I don't even have a region of the country set yet. I love Durham, but if I'm gonna plan from afar, why not spring for the Outer Banks? And since my mom knows every Filipino in North Carolina, it may be wise to take this show on the road and separate the true friends from the true acquaintances and have a real party in New Orleans. So yeah, that's where I'm at. I've been buying every bridal magazine in sight though, so the creative juices are flowing.

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