Sunday, July 26, 2009

So Much for Anonymity

My intention with this blog was to show off the things I buy and make, and I tried to make it a point to never show my face or say my name (or my boyfriend's). But I just have to show off my first wedding endeavor and it requires me showing my face so...oh well. I sort of unofficially asked a couple friends to be in my wedding party and I regretted it, because I wanted to do it in a cool, cute way. I got this idea from Modern Bride - the idea was to find a vintage photobooth and hold up signs saying "Can't" "Wait" "To" "Marry You" and blow it up to poster size for your fiance. Instead, I held up these signs calling out my side of the wedding party. They seem to have all gotten the packages in the mail, and I've heard back from most. The one to the far right was just for fun. I guess Boyfriend's identity is out of the bag too. But really who cares - I'm pretty convinced the people reading this blog all know me anyway. Let me know what you think - and please refrain from commenting on how freakin' dark I am from lifeguarding this summer. Good thing it's in black and white, otherwise you'd get the full effect. Enjoy!


  1. this is SO cute. also, B looks kind of like matthew mcconaughy in those photos.

  2. Ok I LOVE this idea. I think it's brilliant!! And I'm so happy for you guys :)