Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shoegasms and More Weekend Fun

I have to preface this by saying I do have a good amount of shopper's guilt right now - I scored big this weekend. Twice. The excuse of only being in New York for a little while longer will only hold for so long. But all the same, no judgment! Everything was on sale, and my finances are not looking too shabby these days. Now that I've attempted to make myself fell better, read on.

Thursday night began as per usual with me reviewing weekend and current sales. I was particularly taken by the Save Fashion sample
sale at Port Authority. I have to say, I'm pretty excited about this concept. You should really check out their mission statement. It's true, the New York sample sale need work. Because it takes work. The lines to both get in and try on, the crowds in the actual space, the disorganized displays, and could-give-a-shit salespeople. I had my doubts about the space, but it's truly cute. You can see the bustle of Port Authority all around, and more importantly, the place is BIG. I headed straight to the Charlotte Ronson rack, which had mostly extra small and small sizes. I had more luck with her shoes - found a great pair of studded cut-out flats - $30. I got them in teal. Maybe I should have gone for the orange since I just bought those dark green Jeffrey Campbell ones...but oh well. I wanted to try on some Melissa shoes but they had none in my size (I'm in 6 in everything - shoes, pants, dresses - even ring size!). Sad, because I always drool over epaulet on Smith St. and their collection of Melissa shoes - they are like jellies for grown-ups. Back to clothes. I'm not a huge Rachel Comey fan, her stuff is a little too flowy for me. And about Wren - is their stuff re-worked? It looks it. Too expensive - purchasing would feel similar to paying over $30 for a "vintage" t shirt. The CARDIGAN stuff was nice and colorful but not distinct enough for the price. The store was really proud of the Rick Owens tees but I don't see what the big deal is. The cuts look silly - an attempt at drapey but really just piece-y and bothersome. I'm not super familiar with the Sophomore line, but really loved their clothes. Bought a hoodie in faded blue and I've worn it twice this weekend already - $20. Last, I got a Madewell scarf I adore for $15. I was especially pleased when the salespeople who checked me out mused over it's cuteness. Yay, reaffirmation! Grand total: $67.

Saturday I had people over to watch the Pacquiao fight. Gotta love my countryman. He's doing right by the Philippines and I, like the all filipinos, am in love with his spirit. He beat the granny panties off of Hatton, by the way. My old neighbor and one of my favorite people around here showed up with some fabulous sandals by Matt Bernson purchased the day before at the designer's sample sale in Tribeca. I had seen ads for this but didn't want to go to two sample sales in one weekend. I immediately realized my mistake - her shoes were to die for. I got up early this morning and hopped on the train and arrived shortly after their noon opening. I cursed myself the entire ride over for waiting until the third day for a blowout amazing sale but to my surprise, the selection wasn't terrible and I had all the space I needed to try on and prance around. I am in love with my purchases. The green ballet ankle strap ones are like nothing I own and will really play up a boring outfit. I will wear the white sandals all through the summer and will probably replace them when they die. Last are the colored version of my friend's shoes. I love them. They are so strappy and fun and if this doesn't scream New Orleans I don't know what does. What I love about all these shoes are they way they strap to your feet. The colorful ones have a heel zipper for a really snug fit, and the sandals, instead of an annoying buckle, have an awesome peg-snap thing going on. All three pairs are to die for - and only $100 total. I'm bad I know, blah blah blah. But life is short, and deals like these don't come around every day. By the way, I am going to start adding new sidebar features and rethinking some things on this blog. Look forward to a charmingly domestic revamp.

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  1. I love the new 3column and am excited to see design changes. look at you go! amazing deal on those sandals! so jealous. I just might have to check out some LA sample sales. I've been obsessed with RueLaLa's online ease lately though....