Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pre-Greece Prep

I'm going shopping today to get ready for Greece and also to spend some gift cards I've been holding on to. I've taken care of the reading material, mostly today at the Carroll Gardens Flea Market down the street. It was filled with the type of stuff I should also be getting rid of, but I can never have too many books.

I got four new ones, two of which I'll be taking to Greece (Three Junes by Julia Glass- takes place partially in Greece, and David Sedaris' Barrel Fever- he is hilarious, and also half greek), in addition to my Mythology book (Edith Hamilton- apparently it's a classic? I just want to know the significance of the islands I'm visiting) and Gladwell's The Tipping Point (I'm easing myself back into studying psychology by reading the next best thing - pop psychology penned by a jouralist-turned-honorary psychologist). I'm sure I will be lucky to read half of these, but Sedaris is always a fast read, I'm halfway through the Hamilton now, plus I'll be with my mom, also an avid reader. And I'll have lots of bus, beach, and plane time, so I don't consider this too ambitious.

I need an adapter (and possibly a converter) and some basics - a big floppy sun hat, maybe some t shirts, some moisturizer with spf. While I'm at it, I'm going to stop by the American Apparel on the Lower East side for their rummage sale. Bloomingdales to spend a $50 credit card reward, and Banana to off a $15 birthday reward. I will also visit my favorite little manager at Steven Alan on Atlantic Ave. This will be the highlight of the day. I don't expect this to be too bad of a shopping trip...but I never do, so we'll see!

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  1. I remember having to read "Mythology" by Edith Hamilton in high school...would probably enjoy it much more now, especially if I were going to Greece! Have a good pre-trip shopping excursion -- aren't those the best? :-)