Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Montauk Memorial Day

With all the sandal excitement I forgot to mention that I spent this past Memorial Day weekend in Montauk with friends. We hung out on the beach a lot (though mostly by a bonfire and not in the freezing water) and Boyfriend and I even biked out along Montauk Highway to the tip of the island. Beautiful. To my pleasant surprise, the Montauk Fine Arts Festival lasted throughout the weekend. It pretty much consisted of art and jewelry I can't afford right now, but maybe someday. My favorite was U.P. Charts. The artists carve maps of lakes into wood - depth and everything. They are awesome. However, framed work retails for upwards of $800. Yeesh. This is definitely an adult purchase for later, maybe a present for Boyfriend. For now, blog candy.


  1. MEEEEEECHIGAN! I love your enthusiasm for the great lake state. Now if only you could buy some U of M clothes, sandal, yarn. Wish you guys could come hiking with us to Isle Royale this summer, you'd love it!