Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hooray for Marais!

And for Rachel for introducing me to Marais USA, a Brooklyn-based shoe company run by two cool girls who noticed a lack in "Simple, Versatile, Essential styles that don't break the bank." After reading about them in Rachel's blog, I checked out their website, only to discover a pop-up shop event Friday in Williamsburg. I picked up two chic sandles, both at half price. Both designers were there, and since stock was limited, they asked my size and pulled all my options. Incidentally, both pairs are the styles both designers were wearing - I told you I was easily influenced. The red Prince wedge fits really well, but the strappier Crosby pair is a little tight for my wide feet. They still look good, otherwise I wouldn't have bought them. The only thing is, both pairs are suede(d) and I have to watch out for those surprise summer showers. I did notice one of the girls had a patent version of the Crosby...maybe something to consider in the future. A great shopping experience, and well worth the time "on the way home" from work.

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  1. So I saw an ad for these shoes in the Express or DC metro newspaper and had to have a pair, I love the vibrant colors and simplicity of the shoes too. I got the crosby in cobault blue and can't wait until they arrive :)