Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I have a Theory…

…Or rather, my boyfriend’s mother does. You see, their family is from the Midwest. A friend of hers once told her that all New Yorkers wear black, and that since they are from the Midwest, they wear colors. I know I’ve heard some version of this a few times, and it’s certainly a very generalized statement. I mean, how can this be? Isn’t New York the most colorful place, so to speak, on earth? Still, like most stereotypes, there is has to be some degree of truth to that statement. Here’s some evidence: I visited the Theory sample sale today (ends tomorrow – I waited until they slashed priced by 30%, as they always do the last two days, because there wasn’t anything I was dying to have when I went the first day) and made one purchase – a little black dress. My last Theory purchase at Woodbury Commons was a black and white dress. See both below.

On that same shopping trip, I purchased a black sleeveless cowl neck dress from American Apparel and a black high-waisted Kenzie skirt. So I go to my closet and count all my black dresses. Including the half and half one above, I have nine black dresses! This isn’t even accounting for any in the wash, tops, or pants. Off the top of my head, I know I have five pairs of black pants (two the same exact type, except different sizes), and three black sweaters. Christ.

I’ve said before I don’t consider myself a New Yorker, since technically I’m from North Carolina and have spent as much time in Philadelphia as I have New York and Brooklyn. I still don’t think I’m a New Yorker, but the fact of the matter is, I live in here and to an extent, dress like the people here. So let’s do some experimenting - is my boyfriend’s mom’s friend (haha) right? Do New Yorkers wear more black than the rest of the country? And to clarify, I don’t think it’s a matter of black being better or worse compared to colors, or vice versa…it’s just a preference thing. Where do you live and how much black do you wear? Do you think New Yorkers wear more black?


  1. I can say with a large amount of certainty that yes, New Yorkers wear more black. Don't ask me why though...i think it might be because NYers are supposed to be more chic and black is always "in" (i think?). Either that or we all just want to look thinner...

  2. NYers wear more black. BUT NYers also are generally more fashionable ;) AND NYers also wear more COLOR and PRINTS. Bright color. 80s color. Layered color.

    What I am seeing in California, even LA is pretty muted. not a ton of black. I own a ton and used to wear all black regularly. Not as much anymore. I have 5 black dresses and still need the perfect black cocktail dress.