Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Birfday Fun

My birthday was yesterday and my amazing boyfriend planned a surprise birthday party at Washington Commons, a new bar with an outdoor drinking space in Prospect Heights. I was truly surprised, overwhelmed, grateful, and happy. I'm an asshole though- I failed to take a picture of my delicious birthday cake from Caputo's on Court Street. It was an icecream cake- he truly knows the way to my heart. Anyway, mad friends showed up - on a Monday after work. I have some seriously great buddies- thanks, guys! Over the last few weeks (thanks, google analytics!) and especially after the party, I realize I may have a few more readers than I thought. Glad I'm keeping people informed about my silly self and my attempts to make things. Please, all of you, comment. Especially on the shopping stuff. I need to curb my spending habits before I move so the retail shock isn't so bad once I actually get to NOLA. So yes, thanks, and hope I keep you mildly entertained.


  1. i am bad at wishing you a happy birthday! hope you had a really great day, it sounds like it was perfect. what a great way to wrap up your time in NYC (or at least start wrapping up.) I'm looking forward to following your posts once you're in N'Oleans.

  2. i'm SO SAD i couldn't make it. glad you had a great birthday!