Thursday, April 16, 2009

Super-sized Take it or Leave It

I neglected to do a Take it or Leave it post last week. Partly because I bought everything I wanted without deliberation but also because I've been posting like crazy and I wanted to ease up for a second. So this! I've never been much of a stylist and don't have the same kind of obsession with shoes that some girls do. They have always been pretty secondary to me; I'd much rather by a cute dress or purse. Counter intuitively, I find it difficult to be a New Yorker and also love high heels, with all the damn walking we do. When asked what made a New Yorker, Tony Kushner responded, "Flat feet and asthma". I have both of these. I have wide-ass hobbit feet (yet still a size 6!) and seem to wear my shoes down incredibly quickly. So I'm reluctant to drop a bunch of cash on something I will probably ruin. That being said, what do you think of these:

Slingback havaianas. I love my havaiana flip flops but are these pushing it? $36 at Zap

Adorable cork heels by Seychelles. $88 at Urban Ou
tfitters. Try and tell me these aren't great.

This next one is more of a hypothetical TIOLI. I have
wanted Christian Louboutin pumps forever. I signed up for Gilt Group ages ago, the cancelled my membership since I couldn't afford to even look at their stuff. But then something miraculous happened - they got a shipment of Loubs! By the time I tried to buy, my size and preferable styles were all sold out. They were going for $280 - amazing. So the question is...if the opportunity ever presents itself again, do I pounce?

Last, Kate Moss was spotted stomping around in these beauties and now they're all the rage. The last pair of rain boots I bought cracked in a matter of weeks. I will definitely need some quality ones for New Orleans. Frankly, I don't know how I survived New York without a pair for so long. $115 at Bloomingdale's.

So there you have it. Obvs, the more money I spend, the more careful I'll be when I wear the shoes. Thoughts on color are welcome!


  1. Sandals: The thing you need to watch out for with white sandals is that they show dirt very easily. I guarantee they will be black after one wear. Leave it.

    Wedges: They are cute, but not $88 cute. Leave it.

    Pumps: There is nothing fiercer than a pair of black pumps, but I feel like you could probably get a cheaper pair. Leave it.

    Boots: These are essential. I feel like $115 is a lot for something you might not wear often, though. However, I don't know how much they normally cost, and you don't want to cheap out on these, otherwise you'd be stuck with leaky shoes and soggy feet. Do some research, and if you can't find anything better, definitely take it.

  2. Sandles are cute, but I'd go for a different color. Like Ginger said, they'd be black in a heartbeat.

    Wedges are cute, but I'm turned off by anything Urban. I'd say try DSW for something similar. Or has TONS of cute vintage stuff for very reasonable prices.

    Anything Christian Louboutin I would buy in a heartbeat. I'm actually saving up for a pair of his signiture black pumps for when I graduate law school. If you can find them for under $400 anywhere, I would pounce on it. And I will be incredibly jealous if you have a pair. However, they actaully sell red sole paint to make your own knock-offs. So there's always that.

    I think those boots are ugly, to be frank. And $115 for some rubber?...I really think they're ugly. Again, DSW, a million and one different rain boots for under $80 at least.

    Good luck!

  3. the sling backs are cute but i have the exact same feet as you do (small and wide) and i haven't found a pair of slingbacks yet in which my feet don't hang over on each side (so sad.) so maybe avoiding online for those is a better idea.

    i hate wedges in general, so i have nothing positive to say about the urban ones, and the $88 does not help persuade me otherwise. leave.

    i agree with ginger on the black pumps, but then again i know nothing about christian louboutin, though i am a sucker for designer brands cheap, so yes. maybe take it if you can.

    and i love the boots. i vote for the cranberry colored or navy blue. but mostly for cranberry. take! and maybe let me borrow.

  4. I agree with all the above leave it comments across the board. I love the christian louboutins and if you must purchase them do it at a discount.

    I did a quick ebay search - my favorite place for designer shoes. The Hunter Boots average price sold $55 -- so if you must have them try there first!

  5. Did I ever mention you're all great? Thanks for the advice.

    I will hold off on the havaianas. There are cuter sandals in the world.

    I am also leaving the Seychelles. You're right, not worth $88. Maybe if they go on sale. I'm not the Urban fan I once was anymore, but once in a while they do come up with some gems. I got Go Ask Alice for $3 there once, haha. Seychelles are sold all over New York but I haven't found those exact onces in a boutique yet. If I do, and they are on sale, I will be sure to support the little guy over the retail giant. By the way, check out the hipster site in my links. It is awesome.

    I get the feeling I will never find those pumps for that price ever again. I'd pay around that if I saw them though. Love the paint idea. Couldn't bring myself to do it though...

    I WILL get the Hunter boots. And thanks to Rachel, I'll probably get them on ebay!