Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Done and done (and on to the next one)!

Finished the Detroit baby blanket last night! Seeing as I dragged this thing all over New York on the subway, in other people's houses, and in my work office, I wanted to clean it before giving it to the proud parents but was afraid the colors would bleed. The white on the blanket is really, really white. I don't care if it bleeds when they wash it, I just want them to see it in all it's glory before it gets crumpled up, thrown around, and stained with all sorts of baby goo. So, this morning I took it to the drycleaners on the corner. Maybe it was because I needed it back in only 24 hours, I don't know, but it costs $15 to dryclean the damn thing. And it this blanket it super-tiny. Wtf. Grrr oh well. I'm pretty happy with it.
The details: Like I mentioned before, I used this pattern which is super easy and I didn't modify it one bit. I worked with Feza Iplik Baby Solid (a Turkish yarn) in blue and white. Detroit's colors also include black and silver. I didn't really want to put any black in this baby blanket, and didn't see any colorways close to silver in Feza, so I just picked up some Caron's Simply Soft. I bought one skein of each and have plenty leftover. Used size 8 circular needles. Everything was purchased from my favorite LYS, Knit-a-Way of Brooklyn.

Now, back to the scarf I'm knitting for Boyfriend's sister. It would have been finished long ago, but I had to order a single skein of Brown Sheep Company's Lamb's Pride Bulky in Winter Blue from Knit-A-Way, then I got sidetracked with this baby blanket. I'm 75% there, so pictures to come soon.

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