Sunday, March 29, 2009


A while back, in the midst of application hell, I purchased Jenny Hart's Stitch-It Kit. I knew embroidery isn't ridiculously hard, and I really just wanted an introduction to it. I didn't really think of it as a hobby as involved as knitting or sewing. I was pretty wrong. I guess hobbies, whether they are crafts, reading books, or even blogging, are as intricate as you want them to be. Check out some of her work on her website. My favorite is her Iggy Pop portrait. I have loved Iggy Pop for a long time and even wrote a paper on him for a psychotherapy class I took in my master's program. Needless to say, this boosts Miss Hart way up in my book. Make sure to check out her White Stripes piece as well. I've only recently had time to thumb through my kit and make something. The kit has been very helpful and comes with lots of fun patterns. The instructions are simple and Miss Hart's tips are helpful. I'm doing a tea towel right now, and who knows if I'll even use it. Do people really use tea towels for drinking tea? Are they just for decoration? I'm looking at it as a practice rag. It's pathetic compared to what Jenny Hart does but hey, I'm just beginning. The beauty of embroidery is that the aesthetics of the end result far outweigh the effort involved. Also, let me just say my brand new iron is awesome. Actually, it's rather essential to any embroidery effort. My wrap skirt will be done this week and I'll be sure to post that. After that, without the safety net of a real live instructor, I'm thinking of making something like an apron or a pillowcase. Something I can embroider!

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