Sunday, March 22, 2009

Somebody Stop Me

I mentioned before that I like to shop. Boy, do I. This was a big shopping weekend for me. Every weekend after pay day typically is. Yesterday I walked to Park Slope because I haven't in a while, but also because I wanted to check out a yarn and fabric store, Fiber Notion. It is a pretty cute little store. I didn't buy anything, but saw some potential purchases. In terms of yarn, it seems like they are geared towards people who spin, which I do not. Knitting/crotcheting isn't their focus, so I can't hold the fact that they don't have a great selection of yarns against them. The fabric collection was cute, but small. They did have a large amount of batik fabrics, which is cool if you're into that. They had a great bin of buttons and some cute appliques. I'll be back the next time I venture out to Park Slope, but won't be making any special visits.

Today I took the G up to Williamsburg and enjoyed the lovely weather. My main reason for this venture was to check out the Built by Wendy sample sale. It wasn't all that. They had an online sale recently, from which I ordered a fantastic plaid strapless dtress. Two weeks later they let me know it was out of stock. Wtf. I didn't see the dress there, nor did I find anything else I wanted. Though disappointed from that, I bought a sweatshirt for a friend from the Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn Industries, which I totally want for myself. I also went to the Brooklyn Industries outlet at Driggs and Broadway, which I have been meaning to visit for a while. They had a lot more men's stuff than women's, and I wasn't very impressed by the selection. The real find of the day was the Artists and Fleas market, on N. 6th off Bedford. I bought a sweet locket necklace from A Tracie Howarth Design. I'll have to return soon and try to barter for a great vintage belt I eyed and resisted. I showed a little restraint for once.


  1. There's a Brooklyn Industries outlet store?!? I should probably not be allowed to know that...this will be dangerous!

    (I found my way here from Rachel's Bubble. And now off to read all your writing!)


  2. Hey, thanks! I know you! We met at Rachel's going away party in the LES. The Brooklyn Industries outlet is basically a big sale rack similar to the one in the back of every regular store. Not that many t shirts, but right now there are lots of coats and some cute dresses. Worth a look - you probably won't go home empty handed but you won't leave with ten bags either. Which could be a good thing!