Monday, March 23, 2009

Detroit Rock City

I am a terrible knitter-procrastinator. A knitcrastinator, if you will. This is odd, since I typically don't drag my feet for school work, work work, etc. Anyway, the last time I knitted baby stuff, the kids (adorable twin girls) were a few weeks old by the time my booties arrived in the mail. My friend Andy and Alicia's baby is due today (!!!) and I am less than 1/3 done with this receiving blanket. It's a pretty simple pattern done in Detroit Lions colors. The couple, like my boyfriend, is from Michigan, and we are all in a football pool together. They are Lions fans, of course (and unfortunately!). I'm an Eagles fan myself, boyfriend is a Browns season ticket holder. I digress...I'm going to knit like a maniac for the next few days. On the subway, during lunch, on the couch. I'm giving myself two weeks and if it's not in the mail, I'll inflict some kind of punishment on myself. Like pay $200 towards my credit card. Or make myself run 4 miles. You know, things I should be doing anyway.

Speaking of mommies-to-be, I hung out with some today. I work in a hospital, and on Monday afternoons I volunteer on the maternity ward, teaching women on bedrest or with pregnancy complications how to knit. I've only ever taught kids to knit, and enjoy working with adults because they are much more dexterous and have longer attention spans (most of the time). Volunteering is awesome, not to mention the fact that it gives me time to work on my own projects. I'm getting in my karma hours now before the summer and fall, where I'll probably be way too busy to volunteer anywhere. But I figure a career in human services makes up for not volunteering for a while. If you can, volunteer at your local hospital, soup kitchen, after school, whatever. If you can't, just be nice to steps. :o)

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