Saturday, March 21, 2009


It's about time I started a blog.

I've had various ideas and reasons for wanting to commit my thoughts to the blogosphere. But I never had an idea that truly stuck. I'd like to think that after starting something, I finish it, and the thought of a blog never technically being finished or ending bothers me quite a bit. That is something I will have to get over, I suppose.

I like to make things. I like designing, creating, and showing off. Fortunately, I'm quite productive. Unfortunately, I need lots of practice. Here's the thing with me- I'm a fast learner, but slow to progress. I pick things up pretty quickly but I definitely don't think I'm naturally crafty or a great baker by any means. But I really love making and cooking things, so I keep at it. There's always room for improvement, though some need more than others.

This past fall, I applied to several Ph.D. programs in school psychology. I haven't made a final decision yet; actually, that whole process could comprise an entire other blog. Applying and interviewing took up all my time, and now that it's basically over, I'm extremely excited to get back to crafts, baking, and things that have nothing to do with statements of purpose or application fees.

I knit, I bake, and recently, I've begun to sew. I'm taking a class at Brooklyn General around the corner from my house and am really into it. I meant to start classes ages ago but hadn't gotten around to it until now. I'll do my best to chronicle my latest projects and am totally open to comments, suggestions, and of course compliments! I'll also share my many purchases, as I live in New York and am a frequent shopper. I love to brag about my finds.

So stick with me and let me know what you think of anything. I'll try to be both consistent and interesting.

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