Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yellow Fever

I needed a pair of yellow shoes to compliment the gray dress I bought for my sister in law's wedding.  There is a surprising dearth of cute yellow shoes out there.  Granted, I had a few parameters.  Definitely heels, but not stiletto or sky high- the wedding is outdoors, and as far as I know, we'll be doing plenty of walking on grass.  I don't need to aerate their lawn or twist an ankle.  No patent leather or suede.  The former is just cheesy and the latter doesn't hold up.  I scoured the internet and most of what I found was awesome, but had something not quite right about them.  These Cole Haans from Saks are super hot, but just too casual. 

These are pretty cool, and in the bride's wedding colors, but I learned from my own wedding that sometimes, it's not good to be so matchy-matchy.  They're from Sole Society --

Finally settled on these - the coney heel is just high enough, and the birdcage look can go either dressy or casual, which is good for shoes I hope to wear more than just this once.  Plus the stretchy elastic is super comfortable.  I got them on Ideeli and they're Seychelles.  Should have figured I'd end up with a pair of Seychelle's...they're very me.

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