Monday, May 14, 2012

New Fave

It's official - Mother's Day is my new favorite holiday.  And it certainly helps that classes are finished, I'm almost completely wrapped up with clients, and am on the verge of spending an entire summer focused on my own research and professional development.  Side note -- I'm going to a structural equation modeling workshop at UNC, fondly known as  stat camp.  I'm pretty jazzed...and I miiiiight have just found a direction in which to go for my dissertation.  More later.  Maybe.  Anyway, I had the most perfect day.  Breakfast at Slim Goodies (favorite breakfast diner) with my men, intense morning Pure Barre class, biked into the quarter with my sister in law, bought a birthday dress from Anthropologie (below), and spent the rest of the evening sipping a happy hour frappaccino while weeding out my closet - successfully extracted a whole box worth of clothes.  All the while, my awesome husband got our house together so it looks fantastic for my MOM who comes TOMORROW!  In sum, despite the dark cloud of our lagging renovation that constantly looms over my little family's heads, I am reminded today of how awesome I have it.  And the best part of it was this picture gift from B.  Henry is truly the boy version of me.  Mad love to all the mommies out there.  I love this holiday.

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