Wednesday, March 7, 2012

They See Me Rollin'

Since this video was taken, Henry has risen to new rolling heights.

I'm off to Vancouver for a few days to present my research. Thank God for all the videos I take of little H. I'm going to miss him like crazy.


  1. I literally thought you were going to show a video with that song in the background. Now that would've been hilarious...they see me ridin' dirty...


    P.S. I have a blog, too!

  2. Ok I am a terrible lurker but this was too adorable not to comment :) Plus, I have to share Vancouver advice!

    Enjoy Vancouver--I love my city! If you have some free time, here are my top tips:
    -check out the cute shops on Main Street (from about 29th ave up to 6th or so). Lots of fun local clothing and accessory designers!
    -wander around Granville Island and its public market--lots of fun artisans and gorgeous views
    -if you have a car, Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is awesome, with the sweet bridge, cool (and flat) trails, and 30 foot pool.

    Have fun!
    Hoop (rugby teammate of Rachel and the other Oasis girls)

  3. Hahaha, super cute! Way to roll, Henry!! We need to seeeeeeeeee you guys soon!!