Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Been a little busy these days. Just a little. B's family was over for Thanksgiving and we had a ball with them. Christmas is on the horizon and here's a bit of a shocker - I'm totally NOT decorating for Christmas. How sad is that?? The thing is, our renovation still isn't done, so even if I could dig up our decorations, the rest of our side of the house doesn't look homey to begin with. Plus we'll be out of town anyway. Okay, okay...so I may just be looking for an excuse to be lazy. But to be honest, no decorations for Christmas makes me feel slightly less stressed. And I will do some decorating, just as I did for Halloween:

Poor Henry. Oh, the things I'll make you wear...


  1. I did ZERO Christmas decorating the year Natalie was born. It was pitiful, but I totally get where you're coming from. It's hard with a baby. I had no choice this year, the energetic toddler who just learned about Santa demanded Christmas lights everywhere! Henry is freaking adorable, BTW and I really hope I get to meet him some day!

  2. Oh he's adorable! And I am jealous he looks like you! Sam is a Jared clone! I am finding it hard to decorate for Christmas, too - we got our tree up and I put the nativity on the mantle, and that's all I can muster energy for! Sam is really into the tree, though, so I'm glad we did it.