Sunday, December 25, 2011

Baby Santa Hat

I knitted Henry a Santa hat for our holiday card. I wanted to make one that looked kinda like a sleeping cap. Henry had a super cute one until Gus got a hold of it. This hat was a quick knit and I was able to use scrap yarn from the blanket I knitted him while pregnant. I used the cream for the CC and cranberry for the MC (obviously). Pattern is as follows:

The hat is worked in stockinette and decreased using k2tog.

Rows 1-10 in cc: work in 2x2 rib
Rows 11-25 in mc: work in stockinette
Row 26: work in stockinette, k2tog every 5 stitches, k3
Rows 27-31: work in stockinette
Row 32: work in stockinette, k2tog every 4, k3
Row 33-36: work in stockinette
Row 37: work in stockinette, k2tog every 3, k3
Rows 38-40: work in stockinette
Row 41: k2tog every 2, k1
Rows 42-43: work in stockinette
Row 44: k2tog every other stitch
Row 45: work in stockinette
Row 46: k2tog all around
Row 47: k2tog all around

Make a pom pom and you're done!

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