Friday, July 15, 2011


It's official as of Tuesday evening (and I mean evening - we were at the lawyer's office
f o r e v e r). B and I are proud owners of a beautiful New Orleans double shotgun in a very desirable and pretty neighborhood! Not to brag, or anything :o) I will post more pictures later, perhaps after we actually move. We are moving into the right side first, which is completely renovated, while we completely gut and renovate the left side. We will move to the left side when it is finished, hopefully in about three months. The house is a beauty and we are very, very proud. We took Gus there the other day and think he likes it, too. We will have lived in New Orleans for two years come this August. Not sure if that officially makes us New Orleaneans, but we own a home now, so that's got to count for something. YAY, us!
The nice side:

The scary side:

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