Saturday, April 2, 2011

40 Days of Abstaining Online

Forgot to tell ya. I gave up shopping for clothes online for Lent. I decided I needed to make some changes in my life and shopping seems to be a prime changeable area. I can shop live because I don't do that much anyway, plus I knew I had this great trip to Montreal planned (more on that later). So I'm allowed to shop for clothes in person and non-fashion stuff online. I have been excellent so far. I've slipped up twice - once when I saw an email for a Linnea Pelle sale on Swirl and again randomly checking out a website momentarily forgetting I had given up browsing. The crux of my problem lies here, and so far, I've had no problems going cold turkey. Hence, the blogging drought. Don't worry though, this Montreal trip has been fruitful and I have lots to tell you. Stay tuned.

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