Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I cannot believe my photographer sent our photos to us well over a month ago and I have yet to post pictures of all the wedding details. I'm going to flood you with wedding details now, beginning with the place cards I slaved over for weeks. I used Gartner white pearl place cards purchased from Michael's. These fold down the middle. I downloaded the template online and changed the alignment from horizontal to vertical in Word. Then, I manually typed in everyone's name. It took f o r e v e r. After all 200+ place cards were printed, I used spray adhesive to affix 1" square fabric swatches to the inside of every folded card. I carefully sprayed more adhesive to permanently fold the place card.

I wanted my place cards to look like little tags, so I put tape on my paper cutter to ensure consistent corner cutting and used a single hole punch at the top of each tag.

I used sewing pins (with red ends, of course!) to hang the tags on two huge cork boards. Spacing the tags out was a royal pain, but the end product was fabulous. See below!

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