Saturday, February 6, 2010

Donde Estan Mis Pantalones??

I hate buying pants. There's seriously nothing worse, as I am 5'1'' and apparently very abnormally shaped. Nothing ever fits and if it does, it's too long. I never buy designer pants because I don't like altering expensive pieces. So, Gap, Inc. it is. Since it's been such a busy semester I've taken to doing lots of shopping online. Since the Gap offers coupons and free returns and exchanges (most of the time), I like to order in bulk and return what I don't like. So, I recently ordered 6 pairs of pants. It's in my unfortunate nature to always like the most expensive things, but surprisingly, the three pairs of pants I like are also the cheapest! The two from Banana Republic were insanely tight at the top and also very long. One Gap pair looked sloppy, but another , in the hip slung fit, is perfect! Even more surprising is that the skinny fit from Old Navy looks really good on me, despite the fact that I realize they may only survive a few washes. A ponte knit pant was also great, though ponte knit is basically an excuse to wear sweats in professional settings. 1 week later, they sent me another coupon and I felt compelled to try my luck with some khakis. I ordered four, all from the Gap, all hip slung. Once again, one pair looked too sloppy and casual, but the other three were comparable. I returned two and exchanged two other ones via mail. So we're in the midst of round three of pants and I'm so sick of this shit! But I am beginning to have actual clients at work and need to look and feel good. So let's hope this is the last go around. Ugh...pants.

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