Sunday, December 20, 2009

Home, Homie

I'm here in North Carolina with my family and loving it. It's really nice to spend some time at home, sleeping in and hanging out with the fam. B is here too, and soon we will both head to Michigan for round 2 of family time. But not before a ton of wedding stuff goes down.

I am excited to say we will be using Jessica Arden Photography. I went to high school with this girl and she is incredibly talented. I always knew I wanted someone young and female to be my wedding photographer so I am extremely pleased.

We are also getting a photobooth! I also always knew I wanted one of these. We're using Carolina Photobooth and are super excited.

And, we found a cake baker! We're going with Carolina Cake Co. and I am thrilled with the design we worked out - a thread and button theme.

Flowers are all but taken care of and we have a meeting with our officiant coming up on Tuesday. I think I may have even found a make-up person (mac, of course) AND hair person. So it's all coming together nicely. Stay tuned for the DIY touches I'll be adding...the crafting is in full swing!


  1. i'd like to see a picture of your dress missy!!!

  2. When are you coming to Michigan? Glad to hear you're done with classes and able to get some sleep.

  3. so excited to be photographing your wedding:) photos at DSA would be awesome!